We want to shoot newborns within about 9 days of life, while they still remember being curled and cozy.  So, you must plan ahead to make time for creating this wonderful keepsake of your child's birth.  It is common to book your photo shoot (approximately) while still pregnant.

Dress in layers, for a newborn shoot because we keep the studio extremely warm to ensure our tiny subject is comfortable at all times.  It's a good idea to schedule the shoot close to a feeding (we can provide privacy for a nursing Mom) or even better, feed the babe on location, right before we begin to shoot.

There are plenty of props at the studio including baskets (wicker, metal, round, square), colorful buntings, hats, headbands, etc.  We will choose a few together when you arrive.  You may also want to go online (Amazon, Ebay, Etsie) and find your own newborn prop.  It makes a nice keepsake.  As your child grows and looks back, they will find it hard to believe they fit into such a tiny headpiece!


Of course, tasteful "Naked Baby" shots are always a favorite.  Just be forewarned, there can be some surprises happening!